Electric Fencing

Advantages of Installing Electric Fencing:

South Africa is notorious for having one of the highest crime rates in the world. According to Stats SA, house burglaries are the “most feared” crimes in South Africa. In 2015 alone, over 500 000 home invasions were reported (Business Tech, 2015). What these statistics reveal is that we are not safe in our homes, thus we need to take the necessary security precautions. Electric fencing systems provide the security that is needed to get through living in a country with an ever-increasing crime rate.


Benefits of an electric fencing system

Electric fences were initially created to control the movement of animals such as cattle. Over the years, electric fences have become popular home security solutions. Many homes in Johannesburg can be since with electric fencing around their walls; this is to deter criminals from breaking in.

The following are advantages of electric fencing:

  • Deters criminals from trespassing: Criminals will less likely break into your property if they see an electric fence because they know that they will get shocked.
  • When the fence is touched, a signal will be sent to your alarm company.
  • It is a cost-effective security solution that is easy to use.
  • Easy installation: Electric fencing can either be installed on an existing wall or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
  • The system requires little maintenance.



How does electric fencing work?

An electric fencing system comprises the following components:

  • Wires fixed on an insulator
  • An electric fence energiser
  • An earthing system


The purpose of the electric fence energiser is to convert power into a high-voltage pulse, which is released every second. When the electric fence is touched, an electric shock is created; this shock is very painful and uncomfortable, but it is not lethal.  The shock is strong enough to knock a criminal down as they try to jump over your wall, giving you enough time to alert your armed response company.


Electrical fencing offers cost effective and low maintenance security solutions to homes and businesses; it is an effective method of keep criminals away from your property – it acts as both a physical and psychological barrier.

If you are looking for superior and highly reliable electric fencing, look no further than Fencing Technologies; we offer high-quality security solutions to homes and businesses. We operate in South Africa and many other African countries.

For detailed information on our electric fencing systems, contact us today.

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