Get your Electrified Fencing from us today!

Violence, crime and violation of privacy. All these negative connotations are worrisome and serious concerns. Fencing Technologies is a trusted and high quality provider of electrified fencing in the surrounding areas of Gauteng. Stop feeling threatened in your own home. Get your Electrified Fencing from us today!

Residential properties mostly use electric fencing, but farmers also use electrified fencing as a barrier for their livestock. 

An electric fence is a simple, effective and a technologically advanced method keeping your home and loved ones safe.

Electrified Fencing is an affordable and durable alternative to guard dogs, surveillance home security systems, biometric fingerprint readers or even the neighbourhood watch(all aforementioned are great useful for keeping safe and should not be discounted as security measures), however Electrified Fencing from Fencing Technologies is the ultimate solution to avoid intrusion attempts.

Since the installation of the Electrified Fencing is done with the highest quality materials and expert security technicians, the maintenance costs for electrified fencing are kept to a minimum.

Fencing Technologies complies with the highest calibre of standards and we’re recognized throughout Gauteng.

Avoid unnecessary insurance issues and a possible intrusion with Fencing Technologies electrified fencing. Electrified fencing is the probably the most valuable investment for your home.

The voltage system is configured and monitored with detection barriers. Fencing Technologies will adapt the Electrified Fencing specific to your home and perimeter.

Electric fences are designed in such a way that the fence charger, alternatively known as a fence controller or energizer reacts to anything touching it. Rest assured that Fencing Technologies uses the highest quality materials. In our South African climate, the electrified fencing is installed and maintained in such a way that it resists harsh sun exposure damage as well as heavy rains and winds. 

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