Convenience of Gate Automation

With the ever-rising crime rate in South Africa, one has to take the right precautionary measures. To secure homes and businesses, people have installed reliable security systems and alarms. The Convenience of Gate Automation is that it also provides additional security. The mechanism in automated gate systems makes it difficult for potential intruders to open your gate, thereby deterring them from even trying. In addition to security, automated gates make it easy for you to enter and exit your home; you don’t need to get out of your car to open or close the gate. 



How Does Gate Automation Work?

An automated gate motor opens and closes the gate while getting an electric signal from remote control. There are two main types of automated gate: Swing gates and sliding gates.

Swing Gates

These automated gates open and close inwards or outwards. The mechanism of these gates is based on hydraulic and gear motorized systems. In gear motorized systems, the swing gate motor is connected to the gate via a gear box and a mechanical unit.

Sliding Gates

The use of these automated gates is more common than swing gates. Sliding gates operate on a cantilever system and move from side to side. Similar to the swing gates, the sliding gate automation system involves a motor and a gear box. The gate motor interacts with a serrated track to provide traction for the sliding gate to move.


Benefits of Gate Automation

Gate automation offers the following benefits:

  • Safety and security: Automated gates protect your premises from would-be intruders.
  • Convenience:  You can easily open and close your gate without getting out of your car or walking to the gate when you have a visitor.
  • Children are safe: Your kids won’t be able to leave your premises as they won’t be able to open the gate manually.


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